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The Church has met at 54 Broad Road (Route 660) in Haneytown since its formation in 1972. At that time the name was First Calvinist Baptist Church of Oromocto, which was changed in 1981. In the years since its founding, many members have been added to the Church but, also, many have moved away, some have died, and some have re-located to other churches in the area. The Church presently has a membership of about 50.

The Ministers

We thank God for each of the four pastors whom He has sent to labour in this part of His Kingdom. They remain very dear and much beloved to us.

Lorne Matheson   Lorne Matheson In 1972, Rev. Lorne Matheson was the first minister called to lead the Church. He pastored until 1978. Rev. Matheson, originally from British Columbia, came to New Brunswick after serving in the Canadian Army in Italy and Holland in World War II. He had several pastorates in New Brunswick, having previously ministered at Millville, Hatfield's Point, and Geary. He was instrumental in teaching the doctrines of grace and practical theology to the Church. Mr. Matheson lived in New Brunswick until his death in January of 2009.
David Bugden   David Bugden The second minister, Pastor David Bugden of England, was called to the work in 1980. Mr. Bugden had held several pastorates in England and had worked closely with Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones on the Westminister Conferences. But God led him to leave his homeland and come 'across the pond' to minister in a young and fledgling calvinistic baptist church in Canada. He was instrumental in leading the church to establish a plurality of elders, as well as in leading the project for the erection of the present church building in 1981. He and his wife, Pamela, returned to the United Kingdom in 1987 where they still reside.
Tom Rush   Tom Rush The third minister was Pastor Thomas Rush who was called to the work in 1986. Mr. Rush, originally from Michigan, USA, was newly out of seminary when he came to the work. He brought youthful zeal and laboured among us faithfully until 2000 when he accepted a call to Taylors, South Carolina. He was especially used of God to teach the church the necessity of the day-to-day application of biblical truth, and the depth and breadth of the New Testament teaching on the church as God's people. Mr. Rush now resides in British Columbia.
Perry Edwards   Perry Edwards The fourth (and present) minister is Pastor Perry Edwards who was called to the work in 2000. Pastor Edwards is originally from Sydney, Cape Breton, and pastored in Richmond Hill, Ontario, before taking up the work here. He continues to teach the practical application of biblical truth.


From 1972 until c.1995, the Church was a member of the Regular Baptist Association of Canada. For a short time in the 1990s, we were members of the Reformed Baptist Mission Services (RBMS) and the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA). We joined the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada in c.1997 and the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada in 2006.


We have supported the work of Toronto Baptist Seminary since 1972.


Over the years, we have supported many missionaries and church-planting endeavours at home and abroad. Presently, we are much engaged in the work of Carey Outreach Ministries and the work of teaching national pastors and planting indigenous churches in The Philippines.