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2. Of the Fall of Man


We believe that man was created holy and truly happy. He possessed an inward knowledge of the will of God and enjoyed intimate and unbroken communion with the Lord. However, encouraged by Satan, Adam rebelled against God, thus forfeiting this original blessedness and leading the entire human race into spiritual ruin. The Genesis account of the fall of man we accept as historically accurate and as the only adequate explanation of the beginnings of human history. 

The sinful nature of Adam has been passed on to all subsequent generations of the human race, resulting in the corruption of every part of man. In this fallen and spiritually dead condition men are unwilling and unable to seek God as their highest good. The Scriptures repeatedly trace evil behaviour not solely to the environment or lack of education but to the wicked nature of man; and the seriousness of man's condition is seen, not only in the unhappiness it brings on earth, but in the fact that sinners are under the wrath of a holy God. Yet man is given hope in the coming of Christ as a Saviour of sinners.

Genesis 3; Jeremiah 17:9-10; Ephesians 2:1-10