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3. Of the Grace of God 


We believe that the salvation of men is not because of their character, good works, law-keeping or ceremonies, but is entirely the result of divine grace. In eternity God determined to save a great multitude of sinners and in wonderful grace the three Persons of the Trinity were all involved in planning and executing the redemption of His people. This divine initiative was not conditioned by any anticipated merit or faith in its objects but was motivated only by God's sovereign love.

In the covenant of grace the Father is revealed in Scripture as the source of the blessings of salvation, setting His love upon the redeemed, and ordaining Christ to be their Redeemer. Thus, in obedience to the Father's will, the eternal Son of God became flesh. Conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the virgin, He united His divine nature with a truly human nature and, free from all taint of original sin, lived a perfect life, yielding full obedience to the holy law of God. By His suffering and sacrificial death on Calvary, Jesus became a substitute for His people, bearing the full penalty of their sins by the shedding of His blood and thus reconciling God and man. He was buried but rose again on the third day, breaking the power of death and bringing everlasting life to all believers. He ascended into heaven where He lives and reigns, interceding for His Church and governing the affairs of men until the end of time, when He will come again in glory for His Church. The Holy Spirit as the Executor of the counsels and purposes of the Godhead fulfills His supreme work in revealing the things of Christ, guiding into all truth and glorifying Christ in regeneration.

Isaiah 53; John 17:13-26; Acts 2:29-36; I Corinthians 15:1-25