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6. Of the Church


We believe that the true Church consists of the whole number of God's elect. This glorious Body of Christ comprises all in every generation and from every land who have been quickened by the Spirit and brought to trust in the Saviour.

The New Testament also uses the term Church in a restricted and local sense. Christians in a particular locality are encouraged to covenant together in a visible bond of fellowship, and such groups are designated in Scripture as local Christian churches. True local churches are characterized by the faithful preaching of the Gospel, steadfast adherence to apostolic doctrine and practice, the maintenance of true godliness among the membership, and fellowship with like-minded churches, so that the unbelieving shall both hear and see the saving grace of Christ set forth. 

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ exercises His government of the local church through men gifted and called to occupy the offices of elder and deacon; that there are two ordinances to be observed by the local church, on the authority of Christ her Head: Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

Baptism we believe to be an expression of repentance and faith on the part of the candidates in obedience to Christ, administered by total immersion and a necessary requirement of those who would be members of the Fellowship. In it the candidates express their separation from the world, their identity with Christ in His death and resurrection and their devotion to Him.

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