The Doctrine

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1. Membership


Membership of this local Church shall comprise those who, having professed repentance and saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, having been baptized, and show evidence of regenerating grace in the living of a godly life. Application for membership must be made to the elders initially, who if satisfied, will make recommendations to the gathered Church before whom the applicant shall be expected to give testimony of their saving faith in Christ. Such shall also be required to assent to the Articles of Faith and submit to them.

Termination of church membership shall only be possible by transfer to another like-minded church, by death, by excommunication or other form of discipline. It is recognized that any disciplinary measure is a most serious matter but in order that the purity of the Church may be maintained, any member guilty of a serious offence and remaining unrepentant despite repeated admonitions by the elders shall be withdrawn from. Further, anyone who absents him/herself from the regular meetings for worship, ministry and prayer for six months without satisfactory reasons, must be removed from the membership of the Church. Yet our zeal for the glory of God must ever be tempered by a loving and prayerful concern for the full restoration of the person concerned.

Members of this Church who move away from the locality will be encouraged to seek fellowship in their new area in a Church where the Gospel is faithfully preached and the doctrines of grace are upheld and loved. In exceptional cases where a transfer proves impossible, membership with us may be retained as long as there is agreement to maintain real links of fellowship with the Church by all possible means, including regular correspondence with our elders.