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2. Privileges and Responsibilities

Each member shall willingly seek to contribute toward the development of true spiritual fellowship by the pursuit of practical holiness, love of all the brethren, faithful attendance at all regular meetings for worship, ministry and prayer, and regular practical support of the work of the Gospel. Guidelines for such fellowship are laid down in the Scriptures in such places as Matthew 18:15-20; Romans 12:1-16; Philippians 4:1-4.

Members should be prayerfully involved directly or indirectly in every decision of the Church including setting apart of elders and deacons, the sending out of missionaries and the practice of discipline.

Any member consistently neglecting this responsibility or guilty of action by which the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be dishonoured, shall be subject to the admonition of the elders even to the point of including suspension of membership and/or its privileges.

We understand evangelism to be the activity of the people of God -- and therefore our activity -- in bringing the message of the Gospel to those who have not heard it, or do not believe it. It includes all the work of making known the Gospel, whether at home or abroad, and our responsibility in this matter should constantly engage our prayerful concern and consideration, always recognizing our dependence entirely on the Holy Spirit.