SGBC Distinctives

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We do not, of course, believe we are alone or unique in these things, but we hold the following distinctives:


On the Bible

We attempt to keep the Word of God central in teaching, preaching, and living because it is God's revelation of Himself, His laws, and His Son, and is, therefore, authoritative. We hold that the best languages for reading the Bible are the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic; but encourage the use and reading of modern versions produced by sound principles of translation. We hold no one of these versions above another.


Sovereign Grace

We proclaim that God is completely sovereign in all things, that man is sinful in every facet of his being, that God chose whom he would save even before He created the universe, that Christ saves His people from their sins, and that the Holy Spirit draws men to the Father by Christ. Thus, we hold that salvation is completely of the Lord -- by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone -- not of blood ties, nor by the will of man, or by works of any kind.



We hold that a biblical church is a creation of God by His Sovereign Grace, that each member has been gathered out of a lost condition and added to His visible, redeemed people. The Church is not a gathering of people who think they are better than others, it is not a social clique, nor a gathering of people who've reached perfection. The Church is a divinely created gathering of redeemed sinners whose aim is to worship God and witness Christ wherever they live, work and play.