SGBC Distinctives

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We hold that each believer in Christ will be conformed by the Holy Spirit to become like Christ in holiness, that this is necessary and will be evident by the life, conduct, and good works of the believer.


Canada (i.e., church-state relations)

We are incorporated in New Brunswick as a company with religious purposes; we are registered in Canada as a charitable organization. We hold to the separation of church and state, yet we pray often and regularly for our Province, for our leaders and our political institutions. We pray for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for the salvation of politicians, M.L.A.s, M.P.s, premiers, judges and leaders at all levels of government. We pray for the salvation and safety of Canada's soldiers and their families, and for the success of their mission to hinder evil and promote good in other countries. We hold that government is ordained of God for the promotion of good and the hindrance of evil. As Christians living in a democracy, we try to address relevant cultural, social and political issues but, moreso, we proclaim that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only hope for this world because via the gospel God changes people inwardly. We are witness to this change personally and believe that only such a change will solve the deep-rooted problems of greed, violence, hatred, crime, envy, bitterness, and evil of all types.


Modern Issues

We hold that there are many social evils which, though legal, are a blot on the Nation and which affect its well-being: namely, legalized pornograhy, legalized gambling, illegal drugs, legalized drunkenness, same-sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism. We hold that abortion is particularly heinous because infanticide is murder, the ultimate discrimination based on age, and the ultimate subjugation of the innocent and defenseless. We grant women (and men) rights concerning their own bodies, but do not believe the unborn baby is "her body". We acknowledge good works but oppose social and institutionalized evils, mainly by the preaching of the Gospel, seeking also to effect change by appropriate and legitimate means.