SGBC Distinctives

We do not, of course, believe we are alone or unique in these things, but we hold the following distinctives:


On the Bible

We attempt to keep the Word of God central in teaching, preaching, and living because it is God's revelation of Himself, His laws, and His Son, and is, therefore, authoritative. We hold that the best languages for reading the Bible are the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic; but encourage the use and reading of modern versions produced by sound principles of translation. We hold no one of these versions above another.


Sovereign Grace

We proclaim that God is completely sovereign in all things, that man is sinful in every facet of his being, that God chose whom he would save even before He created the universe, that Christ saves His people from their sins, and that the Holy Spirit draws men to the Father by Christ. Thus, we hold that salvation is completely of the Lord -- by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone -- not of blood ties, nor by the will of man, or by works of any kind.



We hold that a biblical church is a creation of God by His Sovereign Grace, that each member has been gathered out of a lost condition and added to His visible, redeemed people. The Church is not a gathering of people who think they are better than others, it is not a social clique, nor a gathering of people who've reached perfection. The Church is a divinely created gathering of redeemed sinners whose aim is to worship God and witness Christ wherever they live, work and play.



We hold that all people are sinners, that people are naturally enslaved by sins of various kinds and degrees. Furthermore, we hold that sin is the major problem in the world and that only lasting hope for the world is in the Gospel of Christ.



We are baptistic in that we believe the Bible teaches that only professing believers ought to be baptized, and that by immersion. But because we do not believe baptism of itself imparts any saving grace, we believe that God's people are found in many types of churches under many denominatonal names.



We try to bear witness to Christ in all the communities in which we live. We are located just outside the southern boundary of Oromocto, but we strive to proclaim Jesus as Lord in CFB (Camp) Gagetown, in French Lake, in Fredericton, in Geary, in Waterville (Sunbury County), in Burton, in Haneytown, in Gagetown, in Welsford, in Fredericton Junction, in Saint John, in Hampton -- throughout New Brunswick, across Canada, and around the world.



We like to minister to entire families and emphasize the family unit as God's design for our benefit and societal stability. We teach that a husband must love his wife uniquely and sacrifically, that a wife must submit to her husband as head of the home, and that children must obey their parents in the Lord because it is right to do.



We try to spread the Gospel to other nations by helping others to minister in foreign lands, but also by helping native pastors and churches.



We believe in the spreading of God's truth by the teaching, preaching, and reading of God's Word. We hold that there is only one revelation of God and only one Way to God, i.e. the Lord Jesus Christ.



We hold that each believer in Christ will be conformed by the Holy Spirit to become like Christ in holiness, that this is necessary and will be evident by the life, conduct, and good works of the believer.


Canada (i.e., church-state relations)

We are incorporated in New Brunswick as a company with religious purposes; we are registered in Canada as a charitable organization. We hold to the separation of church and state, yet we pray often and regularly for our Province, for our leaders and our political institutions. We pray for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for the salvation of politicians, M.L.A.s, M.P.s, premiers, judges and leaders at all levels of government. We pray for the salvation and safety of Canada's soldiers and their families, and for the success of their mission to hinder evil and promote good in other countries. We hold that government is ordained of God for the promotion of good and the hindrance of evil. As Christians living in a democracy, we try to address relevant cultural, social and political issues but, moreso, we proclaim that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only hope for this world because via the gospel God changes people inwardly. We are witness to this change personally and believe that only such a change will solve the deep-rooted problems of greed, violence, hatred, crime, envy, bitterness, and evil of all types.


Modern Issues

We hold that there are many social evils which, though legal, are a blot on the Nation and which affect its well-being: namely, legalized pornograhy, legalized gambling, illegal drugs, legalized drunkenness, same-sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism. We hold that abortion is particularly heinous because infanticide is murder, the ultimate discrimination based on age, and the ultimate subjugation of the innocent and defenseless. We grant women (and men) rights concerning their own bodies, but do not believe the unborn baby is "her body". We acknowledge good works but oppose social and institutionalized evils, mainly by the preaching of the Gospel, seeking also to effect change by appropriate and legitimate means.