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All elders and deacons must meet qualifications as described in the Bible in I Timothy 3, Titus 1, and Acts 6.

A Word on Church Leadership:

We believe that Jesus Christ himself is the only Head of the Church, that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer, and that all believers are members of the God's priesthood. The Holy Spirit leads and directs the Church to look to Christ. Christ governs His Church by laws, precepts, and principles given in the Scripture. Each local church (which is composed of gathered believers) ought to be ruled by elders and served by deacons. The rule of elders extends only as far as the Word of God goes and no further: it can never violate the conscience of the believers. The service of the elders and deacons is like that of Christ -- in love, in humility, and sacrificial. In this sense, the Church is not a democracy to be governed by majority vote, nor an autocracy to be dominated by fiat, but is a true theocracy under the rule of God.

So that you might know us better, we would like to introduce you to our leaders.


Perry Edwards is the Pastor, the elder set aside to study the Scriptures, pray, and declare the Word of God. Perry and Karen Edwards have three children.

Perry Edwards

Dale Cogswell is an elder able to teach and preach the Word. Dale and Rosalie Cogswell have three grown children.

Dale Cogswell

Matt Lynch is an elder able to teach and preach the Word. Matt and Gina Lynch have four children.

Matt Lynch

Neal Whitman is an elder able to teach and preach the Word. Neal and Crystal Whitman have six children.

Neal Whitman

Andrew Whitman is an elder as well as a chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces. Andrew and Nicole have two children.

Andrew Whitman


The deacons serve the Church by giving of their time and talents in overseeing the property and finances, by attending to the physical needs of members (especially the sick and widows), and by distributing to those in need (both within the Church and the community at large).

Olivier Breau serves as a deacon, and along with his wife, Judy, leads the worship music team.

Olivier Breau