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We encourage the reading and study of the Bible.

This site is helpful: Bible Gateway is a free service for reading and researching Scripture online in various languages or in the translation of your choice. There are numerous advanced Bible study tools (eg. search by keywords or verse, as well as other tools to enhance your study of the Bible).

We encourage the learning and singing of the Psalms, great hymns, and solid Christian songs.

Have a look at The Cyber Hymnal

This site has thousands of Christian Hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. It consists of lyrics, MIDI files, scores, pictures, history and more. Searchable, Autoplay feature, free downloads. It is the largest site of its kind on the Internet.

We encourage the reading and study of the history of Christianity.

This is a helpful site: The Christian History Institute

This site indicates the role the Christian Church has played throughout history. The aim of the Christin History Institute is to make Christian history a delight.

We encourage the reading of sound, God-honouring literature both ancient and modern.

Books and websites are without number, but we recommend the reading of some of the sermons, tracts, and books of Charles Haddon Spurgeon who preached in London between 1856 and 1892. Check out the warm, practical delivery of truth along with the Christ-centered declaration of the gospel by this Prince of Preachers at The Spurgeon Archives. This is the largest collection of Spurgeon resources on the Internet.

The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith was compiled by about 40 pastors and elders representing upwards of 100 Particular Baptist churches in England and Wales. They met from July to November and produced what is commonly referred to as "The 1689". The 1689 consists of detailed explanations of Biblical doctrine relating to our faith and practice. The following two sites reproduce the 1689 in an effective manner:

The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689) with slight revisions by C.H. Spurgeon

(This site is a part of the Spurgeon Archives)

- also -

A Faith to Confess: The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 Rewritten in Modern English

(The book "A Faith to Confess" was published in 1975 by Carey Publications Ltd.)